How to write a story planning sheet

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Ten Secrets To Write Better Stories

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Introducing the One-Sentence Lesson Plan

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Social Stories

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Best Book Writing Software: How to Make a Beat Sheet in Google Sheets

Story Cube Planning Sheet Use this planning sheet to prepare for the online Story Cube interactive by filling in the information for each side of the cube. For those who can’t decide how to approach story planning, check out the spreadsheet I made to combine Elizabeth’s Save the Cat spreadsheet with Larry’s story structure from Story Engineering.

This spreadsheet includes both the beats from the Save the Cat beat sheet and the parts and milestones from Story Engineering. See Writeworld’s tag on planning for most posts on organizing your thoughts and creating coherent plots.

And Chuck Wendig has a good post on 25 Ways to Plot, Plan, and Prep Your Story. Write the Story. Now I’m ready to write my story.

Using my sheet, I’ll work through the writing one scene at a time.

Printable Preschool Week Planning Sheet

What I love about this format is, if while I’m writing I come up with another scene I want to write, I can just insert it under the beat it corresponds too.

How to write a story planning sheet
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