Decentralized planning

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Local Public Health Agencies (LPHA)

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Decentralised system

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Blockchain consulting by:

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Bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finances

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Daniel Nam. Co-CEO / Co-Founder. As a general manager and operational planner, he has accumulated project planning and operating experience at Hyundai Motor Group.

Private messaging app Telegram is planning to gatecrash the cryptocurrency world with a blockbuster ten-figure initial coin offering. The company, which reaches more than million monthly users. Developing a decentralized system: host (server) control elements, the first testing client on Playkey’s own servers; Prepping for the launch of a centralized platform in South Korea and the USA.

Local Public Health Agencies (LPHA)

About Us. DirectHome Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company founded by Kiegan Chia. As an online property platform (, DirectHome allows buyers and sellers of resale properties to transact without the necessity of real estate agents, at no or extremely low-costs.

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange where companies advertise effectively, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their resources. Vidy has invented the first single-page invisible embed layer for video, run on the blockchain.

With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension to the internet. Welcome to the future of video advertising, e-commerce, and entertainment.

Decentralized planning
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